D Day

Our main attraction! The D-Day landings arena offers the unique chance to experience storming the beaches of Normandy. Starting in a beached landing craft, players make their way up to the enemy trench system and pillboxes, trying to out flank the opposition watching out for any mines and other hidden surprises and eventually take out all opposing them. The defending team have to use the extra cover of the pillboxes to their advantage, slowly picking off the opposing players making their way up the beach.




Paintball Arena


The speed ball arena allows for fast game play, with numerous obstacles for players to hide behind and slowly make their way up the field to the oppositions base. With the abundance of cover this field provides a varied mix of distance as well as close range oppurtunities for all. Many different games are played on this arena including capture the flag, bowling and last man standing.

Thanet life


The Vietnam village is set in our very own forest. A variety of games can be played on this arena, all designed to encourage teamwork and collaboration. Strategically placed sniper hotspots will keep everyone on their toes, and the bamboo huts provide ample cover whilst you pick out your next target. The participants will have to tackle not only the opposition but also the varied terrain, with this dense woodland providing the perfect setting for a day of paintballing action. Keep an eye out for our newly installed missile silo and trench system. These woodlands provide some fanstatic oppurtunities for the experienced and novice players out there, watch your step as there are some very interesting surprises hidden within the boundaries of this action packed game zone.


COMING SOON - Sniper Watch Towers. Can you avoid the aim of the deadly Sniper.

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We're based at Quex Park on the outskirts of Birchington   From Birchington Town Center take the B2050 Park Lane towards Acol.  As you leave the residential area you'll see the Quex Park welcome sign where you should turn left.  Simply follow the road around until you pass Jungle Jims, continue for 100meters and we are on the left!

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Open Weekends 9am - 6:30pm.